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Angel's Touch Dental Clinic

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Dental vacation in Los Cabos !



Come to Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico for Great Dental Work!

For the last 28 years, thousands of patients have been at Dr. Peņa’s clinic. She is called by them as the touch of an angel. She has the most advanced equipment and her own lab in the office for your convenience.

Her professionalism, ethics and expertise really makes the difference among others and makes going to the dentist a wonderful experience. The one and only touch of an angel Dr. Rosy Peņa has received plenty of awards during her career.


Cabo’s best dentist award in 2010 and the national award of dentistry in Mexico and others.

Her clinic was named angels touch dental clinic because of her nick name touch of an angel, now itīs Cabo soft dental care located in san Jose del Cabo, she has no other clinics.

She is famous for her work so people look for her only, so donīt get fooled with impostor’s associates of her.

The best award is the recognition from all of her patients and former patients that recommends her all the time people ask for a dentist in the area they refer to her as the best dentist they have ever been even better that the one they have back home USA, Canada and Europe)

People from all over the world are coming to see her and receive excellent service, good quality for reasonable prices.

Dr. Peņa has changed so many lives with her amazing work bringing confident, healthy and good looking smiles to people. If you want to live the experience of an amazing dentist taking care of your smile and save money, feel free to get online and get a quote and online consultation at no cost.

With your savings on several crowns you can have a World Class Vacation in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico and still return home money ahead!

Typical patients save anywhere from $2,000 dollars to as much as $25,000. When having their major dental treatments here.

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Amalgam Removal
Sleep Dentistry
  Cosmetic Dentistry
Full Dentures


Dear patient, friends and costumers,

I would like to inform you that neither me, Angelīs Touch Dental Clinic and Soft Touch Dental Clinic have nothing to do with
Mr. David Robert Mandich.

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Angel's Touch Dental Clinic
Carretera Transpeninsular S/N Plaza Dorada - L 10 y 11 - San Jose del Cabo Los Cabos, Mexico